Thursday, October 10, 2013

The Aero Jacket from

First off you may note, "Dang, that looks fast" and you would be right, it is fast. I have installed for this weekend's race a AeroJacket by  This converts your everyday wheels or wheels you may train on into a disc at smaller price then buying a real disc wheel.  Simply fill out the order form on their website to have them custom cut to fit most wheels.  There are some wheels in which they won't fit, so check out their list first.  Their customer service folks can help answer any questions and help you out to get exactly what you need. They are simple to install, with the only speciality tool needed is a sprocket remover/ chain whip tool.  I have tested them on and off over the past few weeks leading up to my race. My tests, not very scientific, are based off of my average speed and feel while using AeroJacket disc covers show they increase my average speed up to 4 MPH.  Cheat the wind increasing your aerodynamics with an AeroJacket without taking a huge chunk out of your wallet. 
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