Saturday, August 17, 2013

Using the Tech Paddle to increase my EVF

I am making good progress in the pool.  Getting faster and more comfortable every time I'm at the pool.  At the beginning of the summer I started using the Tech Paddle device to help my muscle memory on keeping a good EVF (Early Vertical Form).  Your hand and arm pulling back during the freestyle stroke will only move you forward in the water when it is vertical.  Using the Tech Paddle helps you create getting your arm in that position and your muscle memory.

The paddles are hand specific (right and left) are are easily worn with the Velcro strap. I have been incorporating them into my swim workouts for about 50 percent of the time.  A little awkward to get used to or maybe it's just my stroke it so messed up, but I have noticed that after only swimming two weeks with them I am getting faster in the water.  When I am wearing them in the water I focus on good hand and arm position.  Here is a short video of myself using them.  They are now part of my swim bag of tools.

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