Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Take an UPSTAND to avoid scratching either of your rides (bike or car)

It's not a kickstand, it's and UPSTAND.  Ever want to just store your bike say in your garage or at the track while you get a run workout in?  Sure there are cars, posts, fences and walls you could lean it against but why. Leaning your bike on your car you run the risk of scratching your bike or even worse your car.  Garrett Blake, of the UPSTANDING Bicycle Company, invented just such a device to allow you to park your bike wherever.  The stand is easy to install in under a minute by just removing your quick release skewer on your back axle.  Simply slip the magnetic tab on the skewer, keeping in mind this is the only piece that stays with the bike while your riding.  The stand itself folds nicely allowing you to put it in your jersey pocket or seat bag.  The stand only weights a mere 15 grams, so those worried about weight have nothing to loose.   The stand can hold a bike weighting up to 32 pounds.  The different pieces of the stand are made of carbon fiber, aluminum, stainless steel. The folding pieces are held together with a shock cord and of course the foot is made of rubber.
Check out the quick video of myself installing the UPSTAND on my mountain bike. It's shot in realtime, just to show how easy and simple the installation is.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Plus3Network releases andriod app

My training workout schedule is in place.  The weather lately has had it all outdoors on the road. Of course, like always, it is very strict on using the HR monitor.  My 30 mile ride on Saturday included a three mile hill climb.  I had some trouble with inflating my tires, as when I would unscrew the valve adapter I have, the inside of the valve would come with it, letting all the air out very fast. Took three tries before it finally stayed in place.  No problems out on the road, the weather was perfect.

I am happy to say I'm using Plus3Network to help log my workouts.  Plus3Network released an Android app allowing you to raise money for non-profits and charities listed on their website.  It's a great way to keep your workouts logged and well, you're already working out.
 Workouts can by manually uploaded or based off GPS.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

2013 is going

I started off the year with a 20.14 mile road ride, yes it was .01 over my projected 20.13, but I'm not complaining.  The New Year is off to a great start feeling healthy and injury free.  Not as much time for training as I had hoped for, but that will come along.  The first weekend into the year I was able to get out and ride with the tri group and log a 50 mile ride.  The weather was a little chilly even in the daylight sun.  I have put the slicks back on the mountain bike to get more indoor roller rides going.  2013 is going to be a great year both training and racing, I can tell.