Saturday, February 11, 2012

Sportique active body skin care

All these products can be used at anytime, before, during or after working out.  No one is going to kick you off the course for wearing an after work out cream before a workout.  Sportique creams work, and the smell is very pleasant with natural oils and herbs.
1 Get Going Cream -  This cream warms your muscles ever so slightly, with a great scent to get your mind into your workout.
2 Warming Up Cream  - This cream is exactly like the name says, it packs some very stimulating heat.
3 Cooling Cream - This cream is recommended for after working out to soothe tired muscles, has an up lifting minty smell.
4 Joint & Muscle Gel - This cream helps relax those muscles over worked.  I have used this on my neck and back to help relieve head ache pain.
5 Warming Up Oil -  I compare this a lot to the Warming Up Cream, but in oil form.
6 Body Deodorant - This uni-sex deodorant is a must for the work out bag after a shower at the gym.  It's a spray and goes on fast.
7 Foot Powder - Your family will love you and your shoes will last a little longer after shaking some power in them after working out.  The powder is deodorizing and antifungal.
8 Lipguard/ UV Lip Protection - With the harsh sun of Arizona lip protection it's a must.  It has an SPF of 30 and can be applied to the lips and nose and used as often as needed.
9 Road Rash Remedy- Disinfecting Balm - Helps cuts and scrapes heal.  I have used this on scrapes and cuts from razors.

All these products and others made by Sportique have the athlete or those living an active lifestyle in mind.  Made from natural ingredients and great stimulating scents.

**For those who are looking for products where the final products are not tested on animals these are them.  Unless you consider yourself an animal out on the course.

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