Tuesday, February 14, 2012

RecoFit Compression sleeves

I am very impressed with an would highly recommend RecoFit Compression sleeves for both your calves and arms.  Let me begin with the calf sleeve.  I trained with and used them during the second half of last season.  They helped my legs during training keep up with the numerous running miles I was putting in.  I was super impressed with how I was able to wear them under my wetsuit on race day and they stayed in place and caused no issues during the swim or bike segments.  Each calf sleeve is marked either right or left leg as they are leg specific for the proper fit.  Next on to the arm sleeves with Icefil fabric.  On race day the temperature was in the high 90's with the sun out in full force, I was glad I had these on.  For one to block the sun, not putting any sunscreen on and second was the feeling when they were wet, each one was it's own evaporative cooler. They have a 50-plus UV protection factor and are white. The elastic on both ends kept them in place and didn't have to worry about them slipping up or down.
To help my recovery after the race I wore the calf sleeves around under my clothes for a few days afterword to help with circulation.  Of course I washed them and hung them to dry before doing so. If you are in the market for compression gear RecoFit will not let you down.

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