Thursday, February 16, 2012

ProGold Lubricants and cleaning products

 So lets face it, you spend enough money on good bike equipment (chains, gears, carbon frames) so why not use the best stuff out there to keep it working properly and looking great. Prolink Chain Lube is a thin lube reduces friction for smooth shifting and quiet chain operation. The lube does not build up or become sticky while shedding dirt and mud. The Prolink Chain Lube I find great on lubricating cables with their Luber Pens for precise applications. Find yourself out on dusty or muddy mountain bike trails or putting in a lot of miles, then you need to use Xtreme Chain Lube.  I use this on both my road and mountain bikes.  It bonds to metal surfaces and also does not build up or become sticky and also sheds water.  After getting your dirty from all the miles out on the road or on the trails ProGold's Bike Wash is great for cleaning your frame, spokes, and components. It is safe for carbon frames too.  Find yourself with your bike just a little more dirty in between uses with the Bike Wash. I use the Degreaser+Wash to work on getting that extra grime off  just a little easier.  When your all done fixing and lubing your ride, ProGold has Pro Towels, an 8"X12" dual textured disposable towel is your answer to clean up your hands and get out on the road faster. The lightly scented towels, come in canister with 90 of them inside. Keep your ride clean and lubed properly.

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