Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Race day game plan coming together

I am shooting for beating my previous time in this distance by 30 min, yes a half hour. I am looking for the bike and run portions at keeping my heart rate in Zone 3 (64-76%) of my MHR, of course wearing my Mio Watch Quest to help me monitor this.  I have set the alarm on the watch to alert me if I go under or over my target heart rate of 137-152 bpm.

My swim should be stronger and a little faster and the weather I am expecting to be a little cooler. The bike I plan on being very relaxed and not pushing too hard knowing I want to keep my legs as possible fresh for the run.
My son with a PowerBar smile after paddling along side me in a kayak with my brother, while I did an open water training swim of just over 1.5 miles.

Of course what I have been using for fuel in training is exactly what I will use on course, PowerBar gels, Gel Blasts and PowerBar Restore(a carb/protein blend) drink.
Over the past 4 months I have been taking as directed, a PowerBar supplement Beta Alanine to increase muscle carnosine which buffers muscle acids and reduces muscle burn and fatigue.
Over the next two weeks I know nerves will set in and sleepless nights will occur as I finish my training program and prepare for race day.

 I am excited to get out on the course and rip it up.

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