Thursday, August 4, 2011

bounce back from allergies, tough weeks ahead

Training has been going well and am looking to turn the corner on it getting a little tougher.   Last weekend I was able to get my Saturday workouts in but had to use Sunday as a recovery day.  When I say recover in this instance I mean to get over a quick allergy problem.  A little over the counter allergy medicine, and I have been right back at it.  Swimming is moving right along with progress.  Last night I worked a lot on full pulls with my arm stretching out far, then giving each stroke a full pull making sure my thumbs touched my thighs.  Drills are key in perfecting ones movement in the water.  Last week I used my fins, Zoomers, to help keep my speed up in the water while working on my arms.  The fins give the upper leg a great workout too.  Looking forward to a great weekend training with some bike/run bricks. 

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