Friday, July 8, 2011

Learning from the past and changing the future

Over the past few years I have been training and racing, I have learned a lot about myself and my strategies during racing. Over the last week, I looked back on my training schedule and nutrition from my half Ironman race.  During this race I felt very weak at the end and over the 6 hours on was on the course lost about 11 pounds of weight.  CRAZY!  I was really only concentrating on liquids and gels during the race.
Things I am doing different this time around are:
1.    I have started in my training using more solid easy to digest PowerBars and Gel Blasts.
2.    I am eating more calories prior to training rides and runs as well as before races.
3.    I am taking in more plain water during training.
4.    I have started watching my calories being burned wearing my Mio Quest heart rate monitor

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