Monday, May 23, 2011

Starting up after a little time off

Back to the training.

Not that it was training at all, but I have been able to get the kids more involved by riding in the trailer for short 5 mile rides in last week. The both of them add an extra 65 pounds. Pretty good workout. The rides are fun, and making good use of the few cool evenings before the summer heat arrives.
How my training is going to change. My run has always been the low part of my racing. I am going to try and focus on improving my run off the bike with more brick workouts in the next few weeks. Looking forward to some great workouts in the next few weeks and longer ones over the weekends.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Seville Sports Club Sprint Tri

Swim 300 YARDS in time of 6:41

Suit: two piece tri suit
Course: pool swim, serpentine
Start type: in water, holding the edge with swimmers being started every 15 seconds
Water temp: heated pool
Breathing: very comfortable Drafting: none, but found myself hugging the lane line pretty close

Performance: Kept calm and executed clipping on my number belt and putting my helmet on, then out on the bike course.

Jump on bike: Right at the mount line, shoes already on bike

Bike 15.4 MILE in time of 43:54

Just getting up to speed to slow down for the right hand turns out on the course.
Race pace: Very Comfortable Drinks: used exactly what I put in my aerobottle with nothing left.
Course: 3 laps around sub-division

Pulled the shoes on, no socks and out on the run course

Run 2 MILE in time of 18:39

Performance: good pace
Course: out one mile and back one mile to the finish
Drinking used water along the course to sip very little and dump over my head and back to keep cool

Total time 1:09:12 taking 3rd in the the Clydesdale Division

Post race

What limited your ability to perform faster: Still need to work on my run. The bike to run felt better than ever, no problem getting my legs moving.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Two days away from race day!

I am ready!
Training has went great the past few months. I am starting to play the course in my head. I still need to pack my small bag later tonight and pick up my packet tomorrow. Nerves and excitement start just as I will try to sleep tomorrow night. My ultimate goal is to beat my time from last year, but also place high in my division. The later all depends on the other locals who show up. Thank you to everyone who has helped me through my training and along the way.

Friday, May 6, 2011

I found a perfect app for that!

Last weekend while riding, I found out just as I pulled out of my garage, I was not able to access my large chain ring. Instead of canceling the ride I still got out to ride. I figured on my ride I would either stop by my local bike store or find some how to work my magic mechanic skills and get it fixed. Lucky for me I was able to locate a computer app called Bike Repair, available for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Android.
When it comes to mechanics, I am not exactly a NASCAR pit crew member. The simple easy to use app, walked me through a front derailleur adjustment which fixed my problem. The app has a full menu of repairs to fix your bike. Follow the simple part of the bike that needs fixing, a list of possible problems with that part come up, in which you answer them pinpointing your repair. The great detailed photos with text walk you through the steps.
As someone that wants to save some money and feel the accomplishment of fixing your own ride this app is a must. Leave the the visits to the bike shop simply to visit the lonely repair techs, after you download this gem for yourself.
So with the month of May being National Bike Month, fix your ride and get out on the road. What is stopping you?
I look forward to using this app to combat other repairs I might have down the road.