Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Lasten storage container for small camera or bike parts

Wanting to organize the many GoPro mounts and other smaller camera gear I have, using the Lasten storage container is perfect.  The removable dividers, allows me to fit different size objects or mounts in each section. It is made of high quality “see-through” plastic. The 36 divided container can be adjusted a few ways to fit your items.  The dimensions of the storage box are 10.8"x7.3"x1.8" and made of a hard plastic.  Each divided section can be as small as 1 3/4 by 1 inch.  The dividers are only removal on width wise. The vertical divided sections are permanent. The see through aspect is perfect, stopping the need to open it to see exactly whats inside.  How does it seal and latch?  There are two very secure snaps on the front of the box keeping it closed.  It could be used for sorting and storing small bike components, but it works perfect for organizing and storing my GoPro mounts. With some sections not being able to be removed and adjusted it is limited to what it can store. 

Note: I reviewed this item as a reduce cost in exchange for my opinion.  

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