Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Amazer Chain Lock

Often I find myself wanting to lock my bike up, leaving it on my car’s rack, to go into a store and grab something really quick. This Amazer 35 inch cloth covered chain with lock is the perfect solution. The easy “no need for keys" when you can create your own, easy to remember,  four digit combination. It’s pretty hefty weighing a little under two pounds, so keeping it in the trunk rather than on my bike is where it stays. The cloth cover over the chain protects it from scratching your bikes frame or even your car. It’s strong to keep your bike or other belongings safe.  

Check it out and order yours here

*As with any lock or chain, if a thief wants something bad enough, nothing is really going to stop them, this chain and lock however can slow them down in their attempt. 

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