Monday, August 1, 2016

The JeltBelt. Keep Your Shorts On!

Out mountain bike riding, I often wear a pair of baggy shorts with a liner that snaps to the inside. The shorts themselves are constantly falling off my waist, even with the proper size. The baggy mountain bike shorts have belt loops in them. The JeltBelt is the perfect solution for wearing a super comfortable and classy belt. This belt is made with recycled materials, both belt and buckle, and comes in many colors to match your clothes. There is no metal on the belt or the buckle. The belt comes in sizes depending upon our pant size. The belts are unisex.  

XS— 22 to 26 inch waist
S—26 to 30 inch waist 
M— 30 to 36 inch waist 
and L 38— to 42 inch waist

There is no adjustments that can be made to have the belt fit more tighter or looser, so order the right size. 
I have worn the belt not only with my baggie mountain bike shorts but with jeans and dress shorts also.  It is still professional looking and the enclosure is easy to use. The buckle enclosure latches together and snaps and will not come undone accidentally.  

The “JeltBelt” name runs along the inside of the belt and has a “ grippy" feel to it, so the belt stays in place even when bending or crouching down. This is why the belt is great for wearing while being active, as it stays in place.  The elastic feel allows you to feel unconstricted when wearing it. 
Air travelers will appreciate the aspect of the belt not having any metal parts and can be worn through airport security. 

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