Monday, August 8, 2016


Having smaller items, dollar bills, debit cards I have found a way to keep them grouped together and protected while riding in my jersey pocket.  The Capsul Case is the answer. Not only debit cards and loose change but also my car key and fob. The latch on top keeps the CapsulCase closed. When the CapsulCase is in my cycling jersey pocket, I know my belongings are in one place. When I get home, I take the keys out and use it like a regular wallet, keeping bills and cards (drivers license, debit cards, etc.) inside. It weighs a super light 25 grams and can hold up to 12 plastic money cards and it could even be used to hold business cards. The two hinged, single piece of 100% polypropylene is extremely durable. The CapsulCase is not water proof, so items inside will get wet if submerged, but the case can get wet and still be fine. 

Holds my key (attached to key fob) a few plastic money cards and some paper money too. 

The CapsulCase is offered in seven different colors.

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