Friday, August 26, 2016

Farm to Feet ------- Damascus LW Elite Hiker

Farm to Feet make a very nice sock.  I was sent the Damascus LW Elite Hiker sock in which my feet being size 13 the X-Large was the right fit.  The sock is designed very well. First off they are 100 percent made in the USA including all these fibers of 57 percent Merino Wool, 40 percent Nylon and 3 percent LYCRA Spandex they have great cushion and wicking properties. Reinforced toe and heel and top of the foot ventilation make they super comfortable.  The sock measures about 11 inches from the tip of the heel up to the top of the compression calf.  They can be stretched or pulled up higher if wanting.  I love the seamless toe as I often have trouble with my toe nails and running.  Although these are a hiking sock, they give great comfort and support for the running I have done wearing them. I have also worn them while just walking around on vacation.  I would highly recommend anyone looking for a great comfortable fitting hiking/running/walking sock to give Farm to Feet a look into. 

Friday, August 19, 2016

CURT Tray-Style Bike Rack Locking Knobs #18090

CURT Tray-Style Bike Rack Locking Knobs #18090

Original knob that comes on the  CURT tray-style racks #18086 and #18084 

This is the original set of knobs the rack comes with but can easily be replaced with locking ones.

These locking knobs #18090,  increase the security of your bicycle while attached to the rack. Two knobs and keys come with the kit. 

The Curt tray-style bike racks, both the #18086 and the #18084 can benefit with added security from using locking knobs #18090. (CURT tray-style hitch-mounted bike rack #18086, which holds up to four bikes or the CURT tray-style hitch-mounted bike rack #18084 which can hold up to two bicycles.)  The set of two locking knobs both use the same key. I have set up my #18086 using a locking knob on the tallest of the two supports that securely hold down the top tube of each bike. With the knobs being used like this, it will be more difficult for a would be thief to push the lower support upwards, high enough to take the smaller bike out, if that makes sense. The locking knobs easily replace the knobs that come on the rack to begin with. With the locking knob installed, simply turn in the key in the lock, after tightening it down. After locking the knob, the knob will still spin, both ways, yet will not loosen. I guess you could spin it all day, but the knob will not loosen up, until the key is inserted once again and the lock is unlocked.  The locking knobs come with two keys.  I like this set up because you don't have to carry a lock and cable and run it through the frame or wheels. The top tube of the bike is locked down, its not going anywhere. 

CURT Bike Rack Support Strap #18050

CURT Bike Rack Support Strap #18050

I didn’t realize but CURT has a bike rack support strap. I wanted to write this blog to also make other CURT rack owners aware of this addition. This strap is easy to use and attach. It comes in two pieces, which through a buckle the size can be adjusted and tightened. The strap end with the metal “L” slips in between your hatchback and body of the vehicle. The length of the strap measures 61 inches long. This strap then runs down the the buckle. The buckle end attaches around your hitch mounted rack. I put mine just under the top tube frame hook, that keeps the top tube of the bike securely in place. This prevents it from eventually slipping off, over the top.  When the two straps are separated in makes it easier to remove the bike closest to the vehicle. The strap can be used on both the CURT #18086 and the #18084. (CURT tray-style hitch-mounted bike rack #18086, which holds up to four bikes or the CURT tray-style hitch-mounted bike rack #18084 which can hold up to two bicycles.)  Using this strap is required if using the hitch mounted 1 1/4” shanked bike rack, and will void the warranty to both the trailer hitch and bike rack.  It is highly recommended however when using the hitch mounted 2” shanked bike rack. The strap adds great support. 

Friday, August 12, 2016

My Favorite MTB Trail in the past few years.

A good warm up on the road, maybe five miles or so, then into San Tan Regional Park.  Dynamite Trail is a great workout, going north to south on the trail and getting some good elevation. At the bottom on the other side I connect with the San Tan Trail and ride around some great rolling hills around the park. I have wanted to explore more of the trails, but the heat sets in. This fall I want to get around the park more and check out more of the trails. With the entrance I use, it's a $2 pay station. I stop by the main entrance on the way out for a quick refill of the water bottles. I end the ride with about a three mile cool down. The elevation gain gets the heart rate up thats for sure. The total distance of this ride is about 22 miles and I have done numerous times.

Monday, August 8, 2016


Having smaller items, dollar bills, debit cards I have found a way to keep them grouped together and protected while riding in my jersey pocket.  The Capsul Case is the answer. Not only debit cards and loose change but also my car key and fob. The latch on top keeps the CapsulCase closed. When the CapsulCase is in my cycling jersey pocket, I know my belongings are in one place. When I get home, I take the keys out and use it like a regular wallet, keeping bills and cards (drivers license, debit cards, etc.) inside. It weighs a super light 25 grams and can hold up to 12 plastic money cards and it could even be used to hold business cards. The two hinged, single piece of 100% polypropylene is extremely durable. The CapsulCase is not water proof, so items inside will get wet if submerged, but the case can get wet and still be fine. 

Holds my key (attached to key fob) a few plastic money cards and some paper money too. 

The CapsulCase is offered in seven different colors.

Monday, August 1, 2016

The JeltBelt. Keep Your Shorts On!

Out mountain bike riding, I often wear a pair of baggy shorts with a liner that snaps to the inside. The shorts themselves are constantly falling off my waist, even with the proper size. The baggy mountain bike shorts have belt loops in them. The JeltBelt is the perfect solution for wearing a super comfortable and classy belt. This belt is made with recycled materials, both belt and buckle, and comes in many colors to match your clothes. There is no metal on the belt or the buckle. The belt comes in sizes depending upon our pant size. The belts are unisex.  

XS— 22 to 26 inch waist
S—26 to 30 inch waist 
M— 30 to 36 inch waist 
and L 38— to 42 inch waist

There is no adjustments that can be made to have the belt fit more tighter or looser, so order the right size. 
I have worn the belt not only with my baggie mountain bike shorts but with jeans and dress shorts also.  It is still professional looking and the enclosure is easy to use. The buckle enclosure latches together and snaps and will not come undone accidentally.  

The “JeltBelt” name runs along the inside of the belt and has a “ grippy" feel to it, so the belt stays in place even when bending or crouching down. This is why the belt is great for wearing while being active, as it stays in place.  The elastic feel allows you to feel unconstricted when wearing it. 
Air travelers will appreciate the aspect of the belt not having any metal parts and can be worn through airport security. 

Find out more and order yours at