Thursday, April 7, 2016

Arisun and CHAOYANG road tire test

I have loved the contact as well as the rolling resistance of Arisun’s lightweight Vitesse road tire, as well as Chaoyang Fly Fish road tire.  Both tires are 700 X 23c.  I tried and tested them both out in both front and back wheels as well as swapping them out and finding out the best combination to use them in.  

First off the Arisun Vitesse is a great smooth treaded tire. The tire is created with a hard compound in the center to help with the rolling resistance while the outer edges are a little softer for better cornering. The tire is rated with a 120 TPI. The tire has a Nylon Defense Plus puncture protection, the company says. I have ridden hundreds of miles on the same tire and have had no issues with punctures. 

Next up, the Chaoyang Fly Fish. These tires have a little bit of texture to the outside edges, for helping in cornering. These are also rated at 120 TPI and are a very smooth rolling tire. There is a Kevlar anti-puncture layer in these tires.  

Both of these tires have great rolling resistance and could be used or either racing or training with. 

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