Thursday, November 19, 2015

Ohuhu XL Cycling Gloves with LED

The pair of Ohuhu XL cycling gloves with LED directional signal are very comfortable.  The gloves come in sizes Small, Medium, Large and Xtra-Large depending upon your hand size. First off the glove feel and fit. The gloves are very snug yet totally breathable and stretchable. The palm has three different pads. Near the heel of the hand, under the thumb area and just under the pads of the top of the palm. The have a velcro enclosure. On the back of each glove is a skull and crossbones in which the waterproof LED is housed. The light is activated by pressing down on the square. Before your ride simple push the square down and your off. Each hand knows when it goes from a position of facing straight up to being shown to traffic behind you. They say the light is suppose to las 200 hours.  I foresee the gloves lasting a lot longer than the LED inside. The gloves themselves are made of high elastic and breathable material 80 percent micro fiber and 20 percent cotton. Very innovative gloves. 

They can be hand washed only, so no placing them in a washing machine to clean them. 

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