Saturday, October 17, 2015

Zigels Laptop Backpack

The Zigels laptop backpack is well padded for carrying laptops and tablets. First off I like the leather bottom, as I am always setting my backpack on the floor or ground, and having this will extends it life. The backpack has numerous straps on the outside in which a camera tripod could be attached or secured to with. There are also two mesh pouches on either side for water bottles or small items.The 600D polyester material is stiff yet I think will soften up over time. The padded shoulder straps are comfortable and allow for airflow through them. Near the top opening there are a few compartments, small, in which thumb drives or keys can be kept in. Like other laptop backpacks I have had in the past, I wish it had a sturdy carrying handle on the top. The two main compartments of the backpack are roomy.  The zippers seem a little rough at first moving back and forth to open and close like they might come apart or the zipper might fall off the track.  I pay special attention as to not open or close the zippers to fast, as I feel this would separate the zipper from the track. It is a very comfortable and roomy backpack and great padding for carrying a laptop or tablet in. I have a problem with the zippered pouch, they put inside. I don’t care for the metal zipper puller as I believe it will end out scratching something, either the outside of a laptop or the screen of a tablet. The main two pouches measure 16 x 12 inches (main pouch with laptop separator) and the smaller outer pouch with its own zipper is 9 x 8 inches. On the top of the backpack there are two small zippered pockets too, measuring 2 x 6 inches, just big enough for a set of keys but not really a smartphone. 

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