Wednesday, October 14, 2015

PurAthlete Power+ and PurAthlete Regenerate+

For the past two weeks I have used both PurAthlete Power+ as well as PurAthlete Regenerate+ . First off the PurAthlete Power+ . The 99 gram container holds 30 servings. It is easy to mix and stays sustained in the water I mixed it with. I consumed the serving before a training workout and felt energized the whole two hours. The supplement contains 270mg or 70 percent of your daily Magnesium. The serving size is 3.3 grams mixed with 10 oz of water. 

The PurAthlete Regenerate+ is a recovery drink. This 180 gram container also contains 30 servings.  The supplement contains 280mg of Magnesium which is also 70 percent of your daily intake. I feel using it, like directed, as a recovery drink I bounce back and am back to myself fast. The serving size is 6 grams mixed with 10 oz of water. 

Both are gentle on my stomach causing NO GI distress or sick feeling in my stomach. 

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