Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Octopus Tripod by Echen

The Echen, Inc. Octopus Tripod is a sweet addition to placing POV (point of view) cameras, small point-and-shoot cameras or smart phones almost anywhere. Made of ABS plastic and rubber, the bendable and shapable mini tripod can be wrapped around to attached to fence posts, trees, poles, etc. The tripod comes with a 1/4 20 screw mount which safely slides into the tripod head and is easily removed. It comes complete with a smartphone holder which can opened from 2.5 inches to 3.5 inches to insert and hold it. The bottom of the smartphone mount has a female end of the 1/4 20. The legs of the tripod are five inches in height, if you were to use them straight and the head of the tripod adds another inch to the total height of the unit. The black PVC ball type parts of the tripod are very adjustable 360 degrees, as the grayish parts on the tripod are the rubber material allowing for it to grip very tight. Very compact and easy to pack in any backpack, purse or camera bag. I like that the Octopus Tripod is very light very versatile when it comes to where it can attach to.

Note: I received this product for free or a reduced cost for my unbiased review.

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