Thursday, August 6, 2015

Quality Sound Hand-Free HIMBOX

The HB01-Plus, HIMBOX bluetooth car kit is incredible. The kit allows you to connect your smartphone to play either phone calls or music through your cars speakers. First off it comes with a adapter for your cigarette lighter with a USB port for the device itself, along with two other USB ports for charging or to power other devices in your car. Pairing the HIMBOX with your smartphone is fast and simple. Keep in mind, this device must be plugged into the USB to power it and be used. The HIMBOX controller itself has three simple buttons on it. The large, center  main button is used to turn it on as well as it is used when first pairing it with your smartphone. The two smaller buttons on the device also can be used to control volume up/down, previous music track/next track.  When music is being played through it the center button then becomes a play/pause button. To play the audio from your smartphone whether for music or phone usage you also need to plug in the 3.5mm audio cable into your AUX (auxiliary) port, then select the AUX band in which your radio will receive sound from.  The HIMBOX controller unit is magnetic on the back. The unit comes with a magnetic base in which the flip side of it has a sticky pad in which you can removed and adhere to your dashboard or wherever. Conveniently the unit comes with a metal clip, this is what I have been using, as it allows the controller unit to be magnetically attached to the clip.  I have the clip on my sun visor. Two reasons I have it mounted here. One, it keeps the microphone close to me and second, with the heat in my car, sticking the mount to my dashboard would slowly slide off. The sound quality of music being played through the device through the cars speakers is great. Even better is the quality of the phone conversations you can have while being hands-free. The person on the other end of the phone has their voice come across the car’s speakers, very clear. SIRI and Google functions can be controlled through voice activation when connected. The total cord length from controller to end of USB / 3.5 audio output is 51 inches with the Y split in the cord coming at about 33 inches. From the Y where the USB / 3.5 audio output split each individual cord is about 18 inches long. So when split the distance reaches 36 inches. I am making you aware of this, as being it needs to be plugged into a charging port as well as the AUX input, cars or SUVs typically have these close to each other. In the three vehicles I have used the HIMBOX in, there is plenty of cord.  The HIMBOX also comes with an easy to follow guide to setting up the bluetooth car kit. I like the quality of the sound both voice and music and the connivence with the HIMBOX HB01-PLUS hands-free while driving. 


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