Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Kewl Systems Camtrek Pro DLSR 8CXi Camera Sling Bag

 This is my review of the Kewl System Camtrek Pro DSLR 8CXI sling bag. Photographers always have some type of bag or backpack with gear in it.  I set out to use the KewlSystems sling bag as a way to downsize the amount of equipment I carry with me. It can fit one DSLR comfortably in the main pocket of the pack. Besides the main zippered pocket, there are four other zippered pockets of various sizes.  An extra lens, really reaching the size of your typical 70 to 200 mm zoom fits very well.  The other zippered pockets sizes go down from that. A pocket for your memory cards, or cell phone, point-and-shoot camera or small flash units, microphones, etc. The sling strap tightness across the front of the body can be adjusted and the padding in shoulder area is very comfortable. There are a few convenient straps or attaching hooks or other gear to, while there is also an adjustable buckle which in a few other photos of the sling bag I have seen a mono-pod carried inside. Obviously the mono-pod I have an use is too heavy and doesn’t collapse down far enough without being awkward and wanting to fall out. There is a water bottle holder mesh pocket on the bottom of the sling bag which is a nice added feature. The Camtrek Pro DSLR 8CXI sling bag was designed by photographer for photographer.  Like anything new, it will take some adjusting to working out of the bag, but with its limited space, the bag will do what it was designed for, not wanting to carry an entire camera kit. 

For carrying a GoPro camera and a bunch of attachments, this sling bag will work great for mountain biking and hiking. 

*Note -- I received the product for free or a reduced price for my unbiased review and opinion. 

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