Wednesday, August 5, 2015

GOMA Industries SQUID Flexible Tripod

The GOMA Industries SQUID flexible tripod for use with smartphones, GoPros or other small point and shoot cameras. First off this very light flexible tripod stands seven inches high (each of the three legs are five inches tall and the 360 degree rotating head is two inches).  The pivoting legs can be set up in numerous angles, not just straight out from under the body of the tripod. That being said, the legs are also flexible and can be wrapped around or hung from objects, getting your camera in very difficult spots. Don’t overload the tripod, as it can only hold cameras/smartphones just over a half a pound. The tripod is packaged with a FREE smartphone adapter which can expand when pulled to three and three quarter inches to insert a smartphone inside as well as the tripod comes with a FREE GoPro adapter. The quarter twenty screw on the tripod will also fit the bottom of point and shoot cameras. The GOMA SQUID flexible tripod is a must for GoPro users who want to place their cameras while out and about or for those vlogging with small cameras. 

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