Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Strength Stack 52 Fitness Cards Pack

Are your workouts boring?  Doing the same exercises or routine every week.  The Strength Stack 52 is an equipment free exercise card game.  The card game is fun and ever changing. It can be used by oneself or numerous people and the skill levels are various. From beginners to very difficult the cards are very easy to understand and learn from.  Each card has a picture of the exercise, a description of the exercise, name of the exercise, numbers of repetitions to be performed, difficulty rank as well as a QR code that can be used to link you to a video of the exercise being performed in a video segment. There is also a normal suite (hearts, diamonds, spades and clubs) that can be used on the card if you choose to use those in a desired game. There is a value given to each card, as this can also be used to develop or use in a desired game. The cards are also color coded with six different color, each color representing the dominate muscle group being worked. The Strength Stack 52 Fitness Cards Pack contains:
15 cardio exercises (Blue)
32 core/ab exercises (Red)
3 back exercises (Pink)
30 leg exercises (Yellow)
9 Arm exercises (Orange)
13 chest exercises (Green)
12 of the hardest bodyweight exercises known to man (Gold)
3 instructional cards
2 wild cards (used in games)

If you think or love the Strength Stack 52 your in luck, there are also the Strength Stack 52 Expansion Pack and Strength Stack 52 Insane Pack available. By the way the Strength Stack 52 was created by military fitness expert and scientist Sergeant Michael Volkin and used by the US Army in Iraq. 

I was sent the Strength Stack 52 Fitness cards to test and review. 

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