Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Coosh Rapid MFI Certified Car Charger

Not able to charge while inside an OtterBox case. 

Having the ability to charge your phone or other electronic device in the car is a must now days. The Coosh 2.4Amp Rapid MFI car charger is just the charger.  With the Coosh Rapid car charger able to support iPod Nano7/iTouch5/iPhone5/iPhone5s/iPhone6/iPhone6 plug /iPad mini/iPad 4/iPad Air as well as Micro-USB devices. The ability to switch between charging different devices makes this charger AWESOME!  It’s Smart LED indicator lets you monitor your charging of your device. The charger is also Apple MFI Certified. The charger also has two USB charging ports.  The only issue I have had with it is the Lightning Cable end going into the port while iPod Touch is inside it's OtterBox case. Very convenient though having both the Lightning Cable and Micro-USB on the same cord.
The Coosh 2.4 Amp, dual-port car charger with fixed Micro-USB and Lightning cable,
(Model CLGTC03) is available on Amazon for $39.95 and is worth every penny. 

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