Friday, January 30, 2015

RFS (Run Forever Sports) Compression Calf Sleeves

RFS (Run Forever Sports) Compression Calf Sleeves provide great support and compression.  It does not matter which sleeve goes on which leg, however make sure when ordering that you order the correct size.  To start off measure the biggest circumference of your calf and order either the medium or large size. After measuring order a medium pair if your measurement was 11" to 15" and order a large pair if your measurement was 15" to 19".  
I wear the compression sleeves during a long run or ride.  After a long day of standing on my feet or a workout that leaves my calf muscles sore, I will even wear them to bed. The durable sleeves are made of 75% Lycra and 25% Spandex making them very breathable. Although I use them for sports purposes anyone spending long hours on there feet or traveling can benefit from wearing them. They provided compression helps with circulation and can help speed recovery. 
The sleeves are easy to put on and take off and keep your lower leg warm. 
These sleeves are great for those who suffer from shin splints. I believe Compression Calf Sleeves are must for runners, whether you wear them while out running or just for recovery afterwards.  

I rate Run Forever Compression Calf Sleeves 5 out of 5 stars.

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