Friday, December 19, 2014

Smart Weigh SBS500 Body Fat Digital Precision Scale

Smart Weigh SBS500 Body Fat Digital Precision Scale

Around the first of the year numerous people set out to lose weight or maintain a healthier lifestyle. The Smart Weigh SBS500 Body Fat Digital Precision Scale with tempered glass is more than just a scale. The scale which reads your body fat, muscle mass, body water and bone mass will keep you informed and on track for the new year and beyond. 
The scale is set to go right out of the box with just removing the tab covering the battery.  However, if you want to use the advanced features a little more set up required and simple.  It can track up to eight users.  Input the gender, height and age in one of the eight profiles. Use the scale with bare feet and to get a more accurate reading the feet should be a little moist. 
When first stepping on the scale it calculates your weight.  Stay on the scale, as it will cycle through reading your body fat, percentage of water in your body, your muscle mass and bone mass.  There is a warning on the scale as it should be avoided by pregnant women and children under ten or anyone with an implanted medical device.  The scale used BIA or bioelectrical impedance analysis to determine body fat percentage. There is a small electrical current, that may or may not be felt, used in this calculation along with reading the amount of water as well as the muscle and bone mass. For anyone trying to get on the right track and make a positive change in your body for 2015 this is the scale you need. 

So jump on the scale and get your 2015 off to a great start. 

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