Thursday, September 18, 2014

Xtreme Bright's X2000 Bike Light

So I have had the opportunity to test and use Xtreme Bright's X2000 Bike Light made by Triumph Innovations. The LED light is great for hiking, but of course I use it for biking.  The light is 100% waterproof and comes with a bonus RED tail light.  The light shines a bright 250 lumens and can be dimmed 50% and also be set to blink using the button on the top.  The light can easily be attached to handlebars with out the use of any tools and is very durable. Once mounted the light can be positioned anywhere in 360 degree circle. The Xtreme Bright Pro Series X-2000 Bike Light is available in either stealth black or aerospace silver.  The mount is very secure even while my bike rides on the roughest of dirt trails and roads. The mount is able to be used on different size handlebars up to 1 1/2 inches width. The mount can be attached on to certain helmets also.  Either on the top or the side depending on where the ventilation holes are.  The 360 degree swivel can be use to try and point the light were needed but some adjustments will have to be made to accommodate this. The light is powered by 3AAA batteries.  The rear RED tail light (battery included) can be set to blink on two different speeds or stay on constantly. It's a very convenient for commuters. 

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