Wednesday, September 10, 2014


 KAEPS SPORTS is the manufacturer of eco-friendly bicycle care products and lubricant. 
Their products are biodegradable and are packaged in recyclable material. 

KAEPS SPORTS TERRA-RIDE DUAL-1 advanced natural cleaner and lubricant is formulated protect and effectively lubricate bicycle moving parts. It cleans as it protects. It's very simple to apply and wipe off the excess. The lubricant resists rust and prolongs the life of your chain. KAEPS SPORTS DUAL-1 is made from a renewable source. 

KAEPS SPORTS also has a bike protectant they called TERRA-RIDE P-7. The protectant is an eco-friendly wax designed to protect your bike frame as well as metal parts (rims, hubs, forks, cranksets). It is safe for all types of paints, metals and even carbon fiber.  It is very easy to use by just rubbing on and buffing off.  KAEPS SPORTS TERRA-RIDE P-7 offers protection from sweat, energy drinks and rainy wet conditions. I love how it handles repelling dirt and dust and the shine it brings to my bike. 

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