Wednesday, August 13, 2014

King Athletic Speed Cable

The King Athletic Speed Cable is a great jump rope to use, its really a vinyl coated cable. The light hallow handles are design very nicely and are very sleek.  The rope comes in a 10 foot length and adjustment screws are on either end, which allow you to cut the rope/cable to fit the user appropriately. The cable does not get tangled and can be folded very easily. 
I guessing there are a lot of people that might read this that haven't picked up a jump rope since maybe elementary school. Jumping rope is a great activity to add to your workout and raise your heart rate during training. Increase your cardio and tone your calves,thighs, upper back and shoulders at the same time and using the rope will help improve balance, coordination and timing. 
There are a few techniques in which to jumping while using the King Athletic Speed Cable.
two feet together (basic jump)
high-knees in place
heel to toe
alternate feet
double hop  
double under (the rope moves under the jumper twice during one jump)

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