Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Barracuda USA Corrective Lens Swimming Goggles

As a triathlete good vision in a openwater swim is crucial to staying on course and exiting the water. This is sometimes hard enough as it is but add having difficulty seeing and becomes a little harder.  Exiting the water in a triathlon and running to your bike can sometimes feel overwhelming.  Now image not being able to see so well and trying to find your bike in a sea of bike racks. 

Lets begin with swimming laps and staring at the tile line on the bottom of the pool isn't that bad when it comes to my vision, but Barracuda USA corrective lens goggles have made seeing that lane line as well as the edge of the pool that much sharper, vision wise. The H2RX Blue (blue strap, clear lens) and the H2RX Smoke (black strap, tinted lens) come in diopter corrections of -1.50 to -10.00. These high quality made goggles come with three different size nose bridges to customize the fit better to each persons facial bones features as well as two adjusting straps making sure the goggles stay put on your face. The fit is very comfortable and the anti-fog coating is excellent. The goggles come with a protective case to store them in when you are not wearing them. The wide angle view is incredible while wearing these. 
All it would take to see if you would benefit from wearing these corrective lens Barracuda USA swimming goggles is a call to you eye doctor.  Give them your vision prescription and see if they can help you out telling you what diopter correction you would need. Simple as that.  In the long run it will save you from swimming a longer openwater course in a race, or worse grabbing someone else's bike in transition. 
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