Thursday, May 15, 2014

12 Hours At Night

I'm officially entered in the 12 Hours at Night Mountain Bike Race, less than a month away in Prescott, AZ. What exactly does night mean?  Well they gun goes off at 8PM Saturday night with the ending being Sunday morning at 8AM. Some of you have already started thinking, "Dang, how many cups of coffee would that equate too?"  I'm looking forward to the challenge seeing how many laps of the nine mile course I can do in that period of time.  I had to drop out of the marathon I had planned for in Minnesota a week after this race due to a three to four millimeter tear in my MCL. The lower impact of the bike training has reduced some of the pain but surgery to get that repaired is still on the horizon. Let's hope the tear does not get any bigger. 
My friend and Two Wheel Jones Bicycle Shop - Gilbert location owner Larry DeMik will be racing too.  
There is a kids race, very short, that I have both my son and daughter signed up for that goes off a few hours before the dark sets in. 
So go ahead place your bets, amongst yourselves,as to how many nine mile laps I will be able to complete, I have a goal I am shooting for.  

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