Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Update Week Three Marathon Training

After a week difficult running, and getting frost bite from icing my knee too much, I visited a new doctor this morning, actually this time an orthopedic surgeon to have him look over and see what is going on with my left knee.  After a bunch of new x-rays, a bunch of twisting my leg, turning my knee and poking and prodding, an MRI has been ordered.  I've been told to stay off my knee until they can figure out from the MRI just what is causing the pain and how to treat it.  I will still be working on my cardio on the bike and maybe purchase my summer swim pass, to swim laps, earlier than I had planned.  While the doctor what moving my knee around he did not think it was my MCL yet was thinking along the lines of it being my medial meniscus.  This will be found out during the MRI.  With the destination marathon being in late June, I am leaning towards making it a marathon I do on my own, locally here on the same day.   The weather here in Arizona will be quite different than northern Minnesota at the time, but save a lot of money.   I have already started putting together a route that would be 26.2 miles with plenty of gas stations for support.    The marathon in still on,  just a different location.   

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