Monday, March 31, 2014

Great times with the family

While I have been working on my cardio at home, I had a blast Sunday taking my seven-year-old son out on his first mountain bike trail ride. He was so excited when I told him both of us were going to go on a ride near the mountains.  So excited that he started bringing my shoes to me to help us get out the door.  First, a pair of loafers, to which I told him not those, then my running shoes, to which I also told him not those.  He got my flip flops and we were out to the garage to load the bikes on the car.  I knew where we were going, Usery Park, there is a playground.  I made this our destination.  Parked the car and we were off.  I told him on the way there to stay on the trails and keep control of your bike.  I knew of a route that would be a good starter ride for him, some small hills, some rocky parts and some corners.  All this he was able to handle no problem.  I lead the way there, a roughly 2 mile route.  Made it to the playground and spent a little time there and took time to hydrate.  He was excited to get back riding and this time I let him lead.  Took the same route back to the car.  We came upon a bunch of others either hiking, riding horseback and mountain biking, and he followed the rules of the trail perfect.  Such a positive experience for him that I bet it won't be long and we will be out again, maybe choosing another challenging route and going even a longer distance. 

On another note, Saturday, the training wheels came off my four-year-old daughters bike.  I am not sure if it was the balance type of bike or riding a scooter that helped her achieve getting the hang of riding.  She took off on her first try.  We had to work with her on starting out by herself, but she picked that up too really fast. She rode around the grass for nearly 30 minutes, stopping and starting and loving every minute. 

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