Monday, February 10, 2014

Week Five Marathon Training Update

So this past week I have stuck to low impact workouts and two runs on the still sore knee.  I am working on getting into a doctor to have the issue looked at more in depth. Crazy, normally in the past two years I have issues with my IT band after a bike crash, and that seemed like forever to get taken care of.  I have reworked my training calendar, so really I am still on pace to complete the training program before the June race.  The low impact work on the rollers and riding on the road has me training for a 12 hour mountain bike race also in June.  The weather here in Arizona has been great for getting outdoors.  I put my rollers in the driveway to keep an eye on my kids while they play outside.  Not to many places can say they are in the mid-70's temperature wise this time of year.  I am working on incorporating a light weight set / resistance band work out into my training this week. 

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