Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Bouncing back from a brief vacation

I took a few weeks off for the yearly summer family vacation, but now back to training.  Before the break I was having a great time on my weekend longer rides.  Even with getting a flat as few weeks back, I was able to get rid of the tire pump and speed my repair up faster with the use of using a Co2 cartridge.  Incredible speed, I can't believe I never upgraded until this past spring.  My hip still is bothering me from a spill on the trainer (rollers) in January. I can really feel the pain two days after a long ride and seems to be bothered by my running.  With the summer heat here, and forcing me indoors at times to ride the rollers, I have placed a industrial type blower to help cool me off.  Works pretty well.  I am looking forward to this weekends longer ride and will start to incorporate a short run (1 to 3 miles) in afterword.

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