Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Training update, mainly on the bike for now

Long ride Saturday morning did not start very well.  Within the first mile, I must of ran over something with my back tire. About a 6 minute fix and I was back on the road.  I had planned on meeting up with some riders from a local bike shop, but with the downtime with the flat, I figured I would be out on my own, which I would have been happy with. After about riding 10 miles solo, I met up with the back end of the group ride. I really had no intention of staying with or following their ride, now that I had been out on my own.  I threw in some hills to my ride and finished up early before the heat really kicked in.  I  leave my house on my rides knowing which ever way I head out I can head to a hilly area, a slow incline (a negative flat) or just plain flat smooth riding.  I planned on venturing to the river bottom again, so on the way back is a great just under 3 mile hill climb.  My weekday rides have been held closer to home or at home on the set of rollers. 

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