Monday, June 18, 2012

50 mile training ride

Last Saturday morning I joined the tri group for a 50 mile training ride.  Not sure I would be able to hang on, I was stoked about getting in some good miles.  The route was planned but no course set in stone.   Met up with them at 5:30 to get much of the ride in before the heat arrived.  There was 9 of us out there, and the first 12 miles or so the pace was pretty fast. The pace slowed down after a member flatted, and we  were able to regroup.  I just sat near the back of the group and focused on my hydration and my nutrition so I would be able to finish the ride strong.  33 miles of the ride were on pretty flat roads or very little incline.  Near the end of the ride we headed down the backside of Usery Pass down to the river bottom.   At the river bottom we turned around and climbed back up the backside and back to where we started.  I was glad I brought my three bottles, two insulated bottles with frozen electrolyte fluid (perfect)  in them and the other with just plain water.  I mainly used the plain water to drink after eating a gel, to get it in my stomach and then also used the water to spray on my Recofit Icefil cooling sleeves.  The ride ended just before the heat of the day started to rise.  Getting back on the trainer at home every night this week and looking forward to another group ride next weekend.

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