Sunday, March 11, 2012

SOLE footbeds

**********UPDATE: April 2015**************
If you reading this, drop me an e-mail (timhakr as to why you are interested in footbeds and what brought you here to this page.  Are you looking for comfort while running or cycling? Do you suffer from foot pain?

This blog post is from March 2012

SOLE footbeds are quick and easy to mold to your custom foot shape. They come with easy to follow instructions. SOLE footbeds are used to help with muscles on the bottom of your feet to avoid pain in the Plantar Fascia.  SOLE also makes sandals and flip-flops that are custom fit to your foots bottom profile.  

My walking shoe size and cycling shoe size are 13, while my running shoes I buy size larger 14, to avoid troubles with my toe nails. When preparing my footbeds, I used the insole inside my cycling shoe to match the SOLE footbed for size and cut them to fit.  For my running shoes the SOLE footbeds came in my running shoe size. Also with the seven different types of footbeds, SOLE offers just what you are looking for. 
Not know what SOLE footbed would be suit you? There is an easy questionnaire on their website , answer some questions about your arches in your feet what type of activity will you be wearing the footbeds for and the site lets you know what would work best for your situation.

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