Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Labor Day Open Water Swim

After swimming 1.34 miles in Canyon Lake on Labor Day.

I was able to beat the crowd of those headed out to the lake for the holiday Monday (Labor Day).  Before heading out to the lake I fueled up with PowerBar Protein Plus Chocolate flavored drink and followed by a pouch of PowerBar Protein Bites, so I was ready to take on the over mile swim for training.  The water temperature was perfect.  Put on my goggles and swim cap, had my brother hang out on his kayak around me, just in case, and headed out.  The entire swim I felt strong. Had no issues with fogging goggles like I normally do, which made the sighting much easier.  The stroke drills I have been working on in the gym pool have been paying off.  I didn't worry about pace or time really, just worked on good form and being comfortable in the water.  I know when race time comes around, it will be wetsuit conditions and I plan on getting a bunch of training swims wearing that.  My brother wore my Mio Watch Quest with GPS to track the distance while trailing me. 

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