Thursday, May 19, 2011

Seville Sports Club Sprint Tri

Swim 300 YARDS in time of 6:41

Suit: two piece tri suit
Course: pool swim, serpentine
Start type: in water, holding the edge with swimmers being started every 15 seconds
Water temp: heated pool
Breathing: very comfortable Drafting: none, but found myself hugging the lane line pretty close

Performance: Kept calm and executed clipping on my number belt and putting my helmet on, then out on the bike course.

Jump on bike: Right at the mount line, shoes already on bike

Bike 15.4 MILE in time of 43:54

Just getting up to speed to slow down for the right hand turns out on the course.
Race pace: Very Comfortable Drinks: used exactly what I put in my aerobottle with nothing left.
Course: 3 laps around sub-division

Pulled the shoes on, no socks and out on the run course

Run 2 MILE in time of 18:39

Performance: good pace
Course: out one mile and back one mile to the finish
Drinking used water along the course to sip very little and dump over my head and back to keep cool

Total time 1:09:12 taking 3rd in the the Clydesdale Division

Post race

What limited your ability to perform faster: Still need to work on my run. The bike to run felt better than ever, no problem getting my legs moving.

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