Thursday, February 3, 2011

Awesome bike spin

Tonight I completed a 50 min bike spin in Zone 4 or higher. The Mio Energy Pro heart rate monitor I use lets you know the time I spent in the zone I programmed it and below and above that zone. I averaged a heart rate of 145 BPM with 45 min being in my target zone which my training has me doing. For about 5 minutes I let the heart rate get a little higher going out of my Zone 4.

When I talk about Zones, there are 5 of them which are

Healthy Heart Zone -- 50-60% HRM
Fitness Zone (Fat Burning) 60-70% HRM
Aerobic Zone (Endurance Training) 70-80% HRM
Anaerobic Zone (Performance Training 80-90% HRM
Red Line (Max Effort) 90-100% HRM

Aerobic Zone will improve cardio function and increase the size and strength of the heart 50% of the calories burned come from fat.
Anaerobic Zone will improve VO2max. You will be able to fight fatigue better. 15% calories burned are from fat.

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