Friday, July 9, 2010

JCC Maxi-Sprint race report

I got to the location in plenty of time to set up my transition area. With the kids race taking place first, they need to clear the course before the adults start. The mini-sprint race started maybe 30 minutes before I went off.
I was the first one off in the maxi-distance race, with swimmers starting every 20 seconds. With the pool only 250 yards we then had to jump out and run back to the start and do the same swim again. I was very happy after getting out of the pool and seeing my stopwatch time on my run to my bike.
Just before the race started I went to my bike transition area one last time and found a bunch of fire-ants all over my shoes, socks and hat. I took all the sweet sugary things I had in my bag and threw them all away, hoping they would be gone by the time I needed to put my shoes on. Talk about running with fire under your feet.
The ants were all gone when my swim was finished. Strapped on the helmet and race number belt and got out on the bike course. The course was 4 laps of a 3 mile loop. Its seemed the first part of the loop was a little bit of an incline and headwind, so I took it a little easier on this section as I went around. I was happy to keep an average pace of 20.5 for the total distance.
The transition from bike to run could have gone a little faster but was still pleased. Then out to the out-and-back run course. The first mile was looking directly into the sun so I was glad I wore the hat. Kept my pace at around 9 min miles. I need to learn I can start my kick or start running faster the last half mile.
This week in training on the treadmill I have focused on my speed work the last half mile to help with this.
I was very pleased with the 3rd place in the Clydesdale division I took home, but would love to crack the top two spots. Next up, Flagstaff's Mountain Man Sprint.
For my nutrition I have been using PowerBar® Gel Blasts™ energy chews Strawberry Banana flavored. Using these before the race and using the gels while on the bike.

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