Monday, May 17, 2010

Seville Maxi Tri race results

Race Report for Seville Maxi Triathlon 300 yd swim, 15.4 mile bike, 2 mile run.

I arrived on race day early. The adult tri's begin after all youth have cleared the course. I was able to set my transition area up with plenty of space. Place my helmet, socks and shoes in the order I would use them. Waited around the pool while the shorter of the two adult distances started. Race numbers started out at #150 and I was #267. They were starting the swimmers off every 15 seconds. I started energy loading when I first got there having a Power Bar recover bar to start off. I took my last supplement of a Power Bar gel 15 minutes before my swim began.
The swim was a serpentine in the pool of 150 yards, then getting out and running over to the beginning again, jumping in feet first and off the next 150 yards. The swim seemed to go by very fast. I only remember passing people in the pool. According to race results I was 9th coming out of the pool. Off with a short run to the parking lot to T1 where I grabbed the bike and buckled the helmet on and was only about 10 yards to the mounting line for the bike course. I have been starting the bike with my shoes already clipped in my pedals, to save time, so it was easy the first .25 mile on the bike to get my feet in the shoes. The bike course was 3 loops of the same route. It was shortly after getting my feet in my shoes and get my arms down in the aero position on the bars when I noticed a huge dot of red paint on my handlebars. I wiped it off and got a better look, it was blood coming from the heal part of my hand. I must have gotten cut while in the pool by another swimmer, but I never felt it. The gash dried in the moving air but began to hurt a little. I was able to keep an average pace of 20.4 mph on the course that had a bunch of corners on it. I felt very strong and passed numerous other riders. Only on the third lap did I get passed by someone else. About a mile away from T2 I pulled my shoes from my feet and just rode with them laying on top of my shoes to help make the transition a little faster. Got into T2 racked the bike, pulled the helmet off, pulled on my socks and slipped my shoes on and I was out to the run course. The course was 1 mile out and 1 mile back. I wore my Garmin to help keep my pace and I looked at it all the time keeping my pace around a 8:30 minute mile. I grabbed some water on the aid stations along the way mainly for dumping on myself to keep cool. There again on the run course I passed 4 other runners. This is something on the run portion that never happens for me, passing others. I was very happy with my finish time of 1:07:04. I had a goal in my mind that I would like to finish under 1:10 and try and hit 1:05. Relaxed in the pool area where awards and results were coming in. I took third place in the Clydesdale division. I am very pleased with my time and my performance. I now will go back and figure out what I need to do in my next race.

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