Thursday, December 3, 2009

Cold weather running

2 mile run tonight in the cold 55 degree weather. Not looking forward to the colder weather moving in this weekend when I need to do a long run. It is suppose to get down to 37 degrees over night tomorrow night and Saturday morning my LSD run of 14 miles is on the books. I guess I will end up doing a mile warm up, take off a layer, run another 5 or so out and back to the car.  Then remove a another layer, possible replacing it will a dryer lighter layer to finish the run.  I really don't expect the sun to be out to do any type of warming.  Did I mention I really hate the cold.  When I run, I do a lot of thinking.  I was thinking tonight on the short 2 mile run about my running partners who are sick or injured and wish them all a speedy recovery, because dang long runs are even longer when I have to run by myself.  

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