Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Skylab's three-axis gimbal for smartphones

SkyLab's 3-Axis Stabilizing Gimbal for smartphones is the best in 2017! Your smartphone already captures video in up to 4K quality, so why not pair it with the smooth flow of the SkyLab 3-Axis Stabilizing Gimbal to capture professional quality video, using the three individual motors that work in real time to continuously balance and level your movement. Forget unwanted shakiness and jolting. The Three-Axis Stabilizing Gimbal has a little over 150 minutes of use on a single charge and comes with 2 sets of batteries. 

Check out this video I created, the end shows actual footage shot with the SkyLab gimbal using a Samsung S7. 

Charger the batteries in the enclosed charger with USB cable.  Also with firmware updates, use the same USB cable to update the gimbal using the port on the side of the unit. Use the  joystick on the handle for panning, tilting, and rolling. An easy set up, with simply attaching your smartphone in the spring loaded cradle. There is an enclosed counter weight in the case, for use with heavier smartphones, if needed. 
SkyLab also makes a version for the GoPro. 

Enclosed counter-weight

USE port for updating firmware in the handle

Joystick for panning, tilting and rolling 

Enclosed USB cable used for charging batteries as well as updating firmware

SkyLab 3-Axis Stabilizing Gimbal for Smartphones 

Mode One — Pitch Lock — Panning and Roll axis can move freely while Pitch axis is fixed.
Mode Two — Unlocked — Panning, Roll, and Pitch axis move freely and will trail the handles movement.

Mode Three — Locked — Panning, Roll, and Pitch axis are all locked in a fixed position. 

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