Thursday, June 1, 2017

Arctic Cool’s Hydrofreeze X Technology

IT WORKS!  I set out to test and see if the Arctic Cool’s Hydrofreeze X Technology would work as an undershirt of my cycling jersey. It does.  Of course, it is because of the air flow while on the bike provides.  I use the Spruzza Mist, cycling unit misting system, to keep it damp. 
The shirt works great for running and while sweating in the heat during outdoor gym workouts. 
Summer is on its way and staying cool during workouts is a must. In the gym or outdoor training sessions can be aided with the help of wearing Arctic Cool gear.  Activated by sweat or adding a spray of water starts the process.  The fabric is moisture wicking.  Arctic Cool’s fabric with Hydrofreeze X Technology wicks the moisture away from your body and in turn uses it to activate the fabrics cooling properties. The fabric material is made of 94 percent polyester and six percent spandex while treated to be anti-microbial.  Wash and care of the fabric can be washed in the machine with cold water and like colors. They say it can be put in the dryer but with all my technical clothing I prefer to just hang and let air dry.

Before heading out on a hot evening running, a simple soaking of the shirt in water and ringing out, the cooling effect of the shirt kicks in also.  Humidity and sweat rate, the length of how long the shirt stays wet, or damp, all play a part in how long the cooling lasts.  The wicking of sweat, will keep the shirt activated. 

With summer heat, Arctic Cool gear is a must have to stay cool. 

After a hot mountain bike ride last Saturday, temperatures hit the low 90’s.  I stopped by my vehicle and grabbed the Arctic Cool, Instant Cooling Towel, which measures 27 inches by 15 inches.  I soaked the towel with water, rung it out and tucked in around my neck with some of it going down in my jersey.  The cooling effect kicked in and felt great.  A nice wind, of moving on the bike, as well as the wind blowing already helped the cooling effect of the towel really work.  

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