Thursday, April 27, 2017

The Heat is Here! Combat it NOW!

Summer has arrived and it's time to attach the Spruzza Mist unit back onto my ride. 
It is a misting system that is mounted and used on my bike. The bracket can be mounted to the underside of the stem on any bicycles handlebars, road bike, tri bike or even a mountain bike. Summer is upon us here in the Sonoran Desert. 

Spruzza is a misting device you squeeze the trigger and allows you to angle the head of the unit so the mist hits your face, neck, or chest, cooling your body down.  The five ounce water reservoir can provide up to 300 squirts of the water mist, so there is plenty usage before having to refill.  After initially setting up the Spruzza on your handlebars, which is very quick and easy to install and comes with all necessary parts to do so. The Spruzza can be removed quickly if you decide you don’t need it for the ride you are going on.  A small “cleat” still stays on the bike with the zip ties attached to it, but the water reservoir and trigger sprayer come off.  The water reservoir is also easy to remove and refill.  The Spruzza delivers a two to three inch diameter spray pattern. 


Check back, as a group ride, with the sweet option to test drive one of these units is right around the corner.  

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