Thursday, February 9, 2017

TRAGO -- A smart water bottle for keeping you hydrated

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So here is what it's all about!

So what is a TRAGO water bottle.  A 20 ounce water bottle with a BLE smart lid. Connect the water bottle to the app, available for both Android and Apple devices. Enter some information about your body, like body weight, male or female and the level of activity you participate in to all help keep you hydrated. 
Like with my food tracking apps, I have a difficult time often inputting my water I have consumed everyday.  This app keeps me on my daily goal. It reminds me of how much I have to drink and reminds me a few times during the day to keep drinking. The app splits the day into three segments, morning/afternoon/evening. On the bottom of the app it gives daily tips on how hydration keeps your body working. 

So enough talk about the app, let me show you some of the screens the app shows and well as what the bottle looks like. The lid also works on some other bottles on the market. The lid is powered off a simple coin battery, it comes with. It can easily be changed when needed. 

The different screens on the app show a running total of how much water you need to be consuming and what you are actually drinking. On the bottom of the screen it has a daily total and what you have been drinking.  You can set the app up in units of measurement in ounces or milliliters. You also have the option of manually updating your total of how much water you have consumed. The “fluid thoughts”, help you stay hydrated and give you tips and information on doing so. These can be turned off in the app’s settings if you want. The app tracks then your daily hydration and keeps a log to be later looked at for the whole week and month. 

"Stay hydrated my friends!" 

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Ozeri INSTAVAC food storage containers

I have always been a big fan of packing my own lunch for a long time and bringing it to work. For one, it saves money and for two you can eat a lot better. For a lot of my friends and myself, eating better at work is really about meal prep. 

 Finding the right food containers is key.  I came upon the Ozeri INSTAVAC food storage containers and they are great.  These BPA-free, locking lid with vacuum seal are perfect for the job. The vacuum lid allows you to push unnecessary air out, keeping the food inside fresh. The valve on the lid allows air out but not in after squeezing excess air out. Not that I store food for long periods of time, but there is a dial on the lid, in which you turn, to show the date of when the food was packed. A nice way of seeing how long the food has been stored for. No more writing on the lid with a grease pencil on when the food was put inside. The bottom of the containers has a wave pattern, so fruits and vegetables inside are elevated off the bottom of the container. The eight piece, or four container set, with lids comes in the sizes of 5Liters or 21 cups / 3Liters or 12.7 cups / 1.5Liters or 6.3 cups /  and 0.7Liters or 3 cups.  The containers are stain resistant and can be stored in the freezer and also used in the microwave. I also love that they can be thrown in the dishwasher, yet I end up hand washing them and turning around to use them again. This set of Ozeri food containers are perfect. 

Friday, February 3, 2017

Sun Shack 2L Hydration Back Pack

This is a great hydration backpack. Easy to fill and use. There is one small zippered pocket for keys, cell phone, money, etc…  The bladder holds two liters. The hose is insulated and it can be routed to go over either shoulder, right or left. The bite tip has a cover to protect it. The nozzle can be turned on or off with the switch along the hose near the bite valve. There is some reflectiveness strips on the back and front.  I have used this pack for mountain biking as well as hiking.  The straps fit well and are fully adjustable. 

Note: I was given a discount for giving my honest opinion and review.