Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Infinite Swim

When it comes to triathlon swim training, what's the hardest part?  Often it’s finding a lap pool to train in? For some it’s being able to train while traveling on business. It's not easy doing a swim workout in a small hotel pool, and that is where the Infinite Swim comes in to play. 
Infinite Swim has the solution and can turn any size pool into a pool for training.

Infinite Swim comes with an adjustable waist belt, which hooks onto a bungee cord. Set the Infinite Swim frame on the side of the pool. Fill the water weight with pool water or a hose if nearby. The jets in the pool will help fill the weight faster if they are running. Place the water weight, now weighing 35 pounds filled with water, on the frame and your good to go. 


Ease into the pool and don’t push off the side. Float out away from the side of the pool until the bungee cord is pulled tight. Now just begin swimming. Work on drills or use any swim stroke, without worrying about getting caught in any cables or ropes. The Infinite Swim set up provides 25 pounds of resistance.  Who is this device for you might ask? The Infinite Swim can be used by amateurs or competitive swimmers and will provide a perfect swim training workout. Never miss a swim workout for those who often travel, as it folds small enough to fit in carry-on suitcase. 

This device is also great or those triathletes who train and need or want to video themselves and their swim stroke. Staying in place, you can capture video from the side of the pool or even under the water with a GoPro. For instance in a freestyle stroke, you can look back and see, is your hand entering the water or exiting the water in right place to get the most out of your stroke. Often a swim coach or triathlon coach, if being coached from online, will ask to see footage of you swimming. They are wanting to analyze your stroke to make you more efficient. 

I’ve used the Infinite Swim in a pool as shallow as three foot deep as well as eight foot deep, it still works the same. Once again,  just don’t jump in while attached to the device. Ease into the pool and slowly swim away from the side. Now of course you won’t get a distance training workout in, but you can still time yourself. You still get the same motion you would as if you were swimming laps but added bonus of not having to do flip turns to keep going.

So you've seen how it works, now you need one. 
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Infinite Swim

Customers/Athletes who already own an Infinite Swim, the company has improved the retooling of the bracket making them even stronger. The company will be sending you the new improved versions and they ask that when you receive yours, you send the older one back with the postage paid packaging. 

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